sábado, 7 de junio de 2014


Hair:[Tableau Vivant]Toshihiko (soltice)(Unisex)w/hud for TMD.New!
Shades:[Tableau Vivant]Aviator (unisex) for TMD.New!
Top:[Amitomo]part from tutu skirt & rolled up shirt for The Chapter Four.New!
Pants:[Atoms Tokyo]Sweatpants (unisex).New!
Sneakers:[Atoms Tokyo]Triple white strap (white) other colours to choose from at store.New!
Hand Tattoo:[Moon Amore]slink hand tattoo (wavees pack) 50L (3 different tattoos).
Nails:[ZOZ]Savi cards (gatcha) Joker (rare) (37l a play) for Gatcha Garden.New!
Bracelet:[Izzies]Eternity bracelet for TDR.New!
Skate:[What's Next]Candy skateboard for Arcade.New!