lunes, 13 de abril de 2015

New blog with wordpress

Hi girls i know i said i was stopping blogging but after a month i notice i really miss doing it. If youre interested in following me again, i decided to start the journey again but this time with wordpress and another name for the blog. Cutedujour. Here is the adress
thanks for all, hughs.

miércoles, 4 de marzo de 2015

Bye Bye Blog

Hi followers & designers after thinking about it these last weeks, i decided to stop blogging.I always thought a blog is to enjoy and lately i'm not, even Sl starting to get boring not having time to be with my friends or partner because of blogging.Thanks to all for supporting me but i'm going to dedicate to do other things, like learning more about photoshop, etc plus dedicate more to my RL.Hugs.
Here are the credits what i'm wearing:
Hair:[+elua+]iola 1+2 for TCF.New!
Jacket:[M Birdie]Denim jacket for TCF.New!
Pants:[Fishy Strawberry]Snowday pants.

martes, 3 de marzo de 2015

domingo, 1 de marzo de 2015


Hair.[Little Bones]Latte for Fameshed.New!
Coat:[Nyu]Loose overcoat wit hud for hands pose for Fameshed.New!
Dress:[Nyu]Double collar dress for Fameshed.New!

viernes, 27 de febrero de 2015

You make me feel at home

Top:[Foxes]Spiritualist for 21N.New!
Necklace:[MG]Violette cut beads for Uber.New!
Wall decoration:[Pure Poison]Fishie Fish deco (50L today).New!
Jars:[ASO]Alphabet jars for ARCADE.(soon).New!

jueves, 26 de febrero de 2015


Hair:[Burley]Carly (soon).New!
Necklace:[Bauhaus Movement]Natacha-Choker for Shinny Shabby.New!
Dress:[LpD]Rosetta dress-champagne-.New!


Hair:[D!va]Emilie for Shinny Shabby.New!
Skin:[TheSkinnery]Cristy for The Arcade (soon).New!
Top:[Fishy Strawberry]Anais boho shirt-Cream-for Uber.New!
Skirt:[Fishy Strawberry]Rhapsody skirt-La Boheme- for Uber.New!
Sandals:[Pure Poison]Bohemian romance sandals for Uber.New!
Necklace & Bracelet:[Luxe]Knotted dreamcatcher necklace & Dreamcatcher & pearls bracelet for Uber.New!


Hi girls here i'm introducing you to Cristy the new skin from The Skinnery for Arcade -starting the 1st of March-: You will find her in Champagne, Honey & toffee.You will find 3 Rare one bare face plus 10 colours lipsticks, plus a face addons (freckles, blush, moles, brow covers) and 7 different makeups.All appliers can find at mainstore including PXL Sweet lips.
Hair:[D!va]Emilie-Rhodolite for Shinny Shabby.New!
Teeth:[PXL]Openmouth Pro teeth.

miércoles, 25 de febrero de 2015

Little Bones-Karma

Hair:[Little Bones]Karma for Uber.New!
Head:[Fiore]Aylah for Cosmetic Fair.
Tank:Spirit Store.


Hi girls today started another round of Uber this time the theme is Boho.So don't miss it.
Hair:[Little Bones]Windsong for Uber.New!
Top:[Spirit Store]Evatiska tank top for Kustom9.New!
Shorts:[NS]Tropical short.New!
Wedges:[Pure Poison]Boho platform for Uber.New!
Bag:[Reign]Boho bag for Uber.New!
Necklace:[Gizza]Boho set (Retr).

sábado, 21 de febrero de 2015

Waiting for you

Hair:[Little Bones]Reign-hud landslide- for @21N (opening today).New!
Skin:[The Skinnery]Julie for @Shiny Shabby.New!
Mouth:[PXL]SmileLips w/the skinnery appliers.New!
Body:[Maitreya]Lara 2.1
Romper:[La Penderie de Nicole]Anna Romper for @Shiny Shabby.New!
Shoes:[Bens Beauty]Valentine (slink high feet).New!
Clutch:[Luxe]Safety pin clutch for @Kustom9.New!


Hair:[Tableau Vivant]Shabby for @Shiny Shabby.New!
Skin:[The Skinnery]Julie for @Shiny Shabby.New!
Dress:[M Birdie]Kara dress for @Shiny Shabby.New!
Boots:[Reign]Lizzy boots for Creepy/kawaii fair.New!
Scarf backpack:[Shi]for Kustom9.New!

viernes, 20 de febrero de 2015


 HI girls more new releases from the event Shiny Shabby and Gizza.
Hair:[D!va]Emilie for @ Shiny Shabby.New!
Skin:[Glam Affair]Alice n.3-jamaica-for @Shiny Shabby.New!
Mouth:[PXL]SweetLips w/ Glam affair appliers.New!
Sweater:[Gizza]Oversize knit top (Feather) 3 colours in a pack.New!
Leggings:[Gizza]Leather leggings (brown-espresso).New!
Flats:[Pure Poison] Le Ballet flats for (slink & maitreya feet) for @Shiny Shabby.New!

jueves, 19 de febrero de 2015

Dark side

Skin:[TheSkinnery]Julia for @Shiny Shabby.New!
Sweater:[M Birdie]Funky Jumper for @Creepy/kawaii fair.New!
Jeans:[Fishy Strawberry]Boyfriend jeans slim (dark wash duo) for @Kustom9.New!
Boppers:[+Ilo]fatpack for @Creepy/kawaii Fair.New!
Rings:[ieQUED]Jessi.rings for @Shiny Shabby.New!
Giraffe:[+Half -Deer+] Tiny teacup for @Creepy/kawaii fair.New!


Hi girls sorry i haven't been blogging lately but i had a very busy rl. In this post i'm showing the new skin from The Skinnery -Julie- you will find her at Shiny Shabby starting tomorrow- she comes in 3 tones-champagne,honey & toffee.She has made aswell appliers for Sweet Lips (the new mesh mouth from PXL).You will find all appliers at the mainstore.
Hair:[D!va]Bambi-Group gift.
Skin:[The Skinnery]Julie-toffee @ Shiny Shabby.New!
Eyes:[The Skinnery]Forever yours @Cosmetic Fair.New!
Eyelashes:[MC]Mesh eyelashes.
Mouth:[PXL] Sweet Lips (comes with piercings & teeth in hud).New!
Hand Tattoo:[Moon Amore] @Cosmetic!
Babydoll:[Katat0nik]Ethereal babydoll for slink & maitreya mesh body @ The Sepharim Social. New!.
Necklace:[Quirki]Love Lockdown for @Creepy/cutie fair.New!

jueves, 12 de febrero de 2015

Feeling the cold

Hair:[Taketomi]Meari for Creepy/Kawaii fair.(starting tomorrow).New!
Jacket& skirt:[M Birdie]Leather two piece for TCF.New!
Leggings & Boots:[COCO]for Collabor.New!

Evil Queen

Hair:[Vanity Hair]Cold inside.
Tiara:[ieQUED]Evil Queen in gold -RARE- for FGC'S.New!
Earrings:[ieQUED]gold for FGC'S.New!
Necklace:[ieQUED]Gold for FGC'S.New!
Bracelet:[ieQUED]Gold for FGC'S.New!
Dress:[LpD] Labella for Enchanment.New!

miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2015

Don't belong here

Hi girls more releases from Love is in the Air and don't forget the event will be open until the 14th of Feb.
Hair:[Little Bones][Homme]Bomb for TMD.New!
Jacket:[COCO]Equastrianjacket for Collabor.New!
Leggings:[Hucci]Yigi for Love is in the Air.New!
Pumps:[Hucci]Nova  (slink high) for Love is in the Air.New!

Waiting for summer

Hair:[Tableau Vivant]Liebe for Love is in the Air.New!
Dress:[LpD]Milena dress ( 2 versions w/ without jacket) for Fashion Fair.New!

lunes, 9 de febrero de 2015

Italian Feeling

Hair:[D!va]Ririth @Collabor.New!
Necklace:[MG]Flower heart @Collabor.New!
Jacket:[Ison]Serino leather jacket!
Leggings:[Ison]Tova leggings @Collabor.New!
Bag:[Rowne]Vittora leather tote for Collabor.New!
Shoes:[Eudora 3D]Dhalia pumps for Love is in the Air.New!

Embrace me

Hi girls Collabor started yesterday and you will find all awesome stuff and for a good price.Here are some stuff you can find there.
Hair:[!lamb]Iiluminate (variety pack) for Collabor.New!
Sunglasses:[Fishy Strawberry]Feline glasses for TCF.New!
Sweater & dress:[Fishy Strawberry]Embrace me w/ hud (to change texture of the dress)for Collabor.New!

domingo, 8 de febrero de 2015


Hi girls more stuff from Love is in the Air event.
Jewellery set:[Chop Zuey]Tango for Love is in the Air.New!
Dress:[Gizza]Cecelia dress for Love is in the Air.New!
Heels:[Gizza]L'amour for Love is in the Air.New!

sábado, 7 de febrero de 2015

Love is all about Diamonds

Hair:[Vanity Hair]Keep it quiet.
Necklace:[Pure Poison]Love is all about Diamonds for Love is in the Air.New!
Dress:[SoliDea Folies]Palloncino exclusive for Love is in the Air.New!
Heels:[Gizza]L'amour Heels for Love is in the Air.New!

Be my valentine

Hi girls more releases for Love is in the Air event has opened today .
Dress:[Baiastice]Karin for Love is in the Air.New!
Bracelet:[Vive Nine]

viernes, 6 de febrero de 2015


Hair:[Tableau Vivant]Harukaze.
Necklace:[Swallow]Streampunk necklace for Love is in the Air.New!
Dress:[LPD]Angela for Love is in the Air.New!

Love is in the Air Event

Hi girls more new realeases coming to Love is in The Air event, hope you like.
Hair:[D!va]Matilda for Love is in the air.(soon).New!
Glasses:[*+Crie Style+*] Voglia for Love is in the Air.New!
Necklace:[MG]Little Memory Locket for Love is in the Air.New!
Outfit:[COCO] Fameshed.New!
Pose:[Label Motion]Misha for Love is in the Air.New!

jueves, 5 de febrero de 2015

LWL for Love Is In The Air

More from Love is in the air designers this time from LWL.
Hair:[Vanity Hair]Piano Bar.
Dress:[LWL]Dinah gown with veil dotty white for Love is in the air.(Soon).New!


Hi again another event round the corner Love in the Air will start the 7th February until the 14th feb 2015. Gizza Creations brings a selection of the finest brands in SL.Each designer has created special item for this event and there will be showcased the 8th of Feb at 1pm slt by Gizza's in-house supermodels at a one of runway show.

There designers in this event will be:
Akeyo, Azul,Baiastice, Belleza, BWD,Champagne Sparkle Couture, Chop Zoey, Clef de Peau, Co57, Crie Style, D!va Hair, Deadwool, Deetalez, Eclipse Designs, Eudora, Gabriel, Gizza, Glam Affair, Humanoid, Ionic, Label Motion, Ladies who lunch, Lagyo, Lode Y Vrsion, LPD, Meghindos, Maxi Gossamer,Mina hair, New Faces, Posesion,Pure Poison, Redgrave, Ricielli, Shi, Solidea Folies, sYs, Swallow, Tableau Vivant, TRIIN, hair, Vanity Hair, Vista Animations,Vita's Boudoir, Wasabi Pills, What Next & Zaara. So don't miss this awesome events you can find all sort of items to surprise you love ones.

In this post sorry for been so long, i'm wearing.
Hair:[+Elua]Hollis1&2 for TCF.New!
Necklace & Earrings:[AvaWay]Diana Necklace.New!
Outfit ( hat & dress):[Azul]Licca for Love is in the Air (coming soon).New!

miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2015


Outfit:[Gizza]Colette 2 in 1 for TCF.New!
Heels:[Reign]Midnight heels for (slink high feet) for Fameshed.New!


Hi girl today another round will start today for The Chapter Four first of all Gizza made this cuteness padded coats and skirt you will find at the gacha room. And The Skinnery this awesome different freckles & moles in form of tattoos.So don't miss them.
Hair:[D!va]Bambi (group gift) .New!
Skin:[The Skinnery]Blair.
Moles:[The Skinnery]Beauty marks & freckels for TCF.New!
Padded Coat & Skirt:[Gizza]The colous of Love-Gacha-for TCF.New!

martes, 3 de febrero de 2015


Hair:[Little Bones]Crystal Days for Fameshed.New!
Earrings:[AvaWay]Pearl earrings.New!
Sweater:[M Birdie]T layered MTM for Fashion Fair.New!
Jeans:[Maitreya]updated aswell for Maitreya body.New!
Sneakers:[Flite]vaders hologram white for Uber.New!
Travel bag.TokiD