lunes, 30 de junio de 2014

Summer lazyness

Hi girls i hope you had a great weekend i will be showing some stuff today for the Manga fair starting tomorrow. In this post i´m showing the new lolas deliq normally i don´t feel very comfortable with lolas (I'm hoping to get the new mesh body still don't know wich) but i must admit this ones i like and they seem to fit properly my shape because there mesh and been petite was a bit strange having huge boobs but anyway thats my opinion.One of my sponsors are about lolas so i think i´m going to start using them for her clothes.
What i´m wearing.
Lips:[PF]Group gift (free to join).New!
Necklace & Bracelet:[Pr!ck]Cuicuiset for The Big Show.
Top:[1Hundred]Heat top for The Big Show.
Jeans leggings:[Traphouse Collective]Different colour to choose at store, wearing turqoise.
Feetwrap:[Muka]w/hud for slink high feet for The Big Show.
Milkbag:[Pixicat]for Kustom9.