martes, 1 de julio de 2014

Manga fair 1

Hi girls a lot of events are gooing to be around this month so be prepared to spend with all the exciting stuff coming around.
First of all Manga Fair (<3 Manga) i´m wearing from Moon Amore (love her creations and the colourful of her clothes and cute creations). My pulpo pants and kawaii shoes i think are so cute ( you have all sort of colours for the pants & for the kawaii sandals w/hud, i´ll will add a pick of what you can find)the pants you can wear with wowmeh or phat azz if you want, soon she would give the option for slink body too. My cute top & bag it´s from Ns and her cute creations always amaze me.The top comes w/ hud (9 designs) and the sunglases aswell you can change the colour.The bag comes with a hud with(6 cute designs) both for Manga Fair too.