viernes, 11 de julio de 2014


Here i am again , one of the things i like most of blogging is making pics so i made this one ans above you can see what i'm wearing better.
In this post i'm wearing this bikini & bag  from Smel Creations you can find them in other colours too you can wear it aswell w/lolas, phat azz.
Hair:[HOMAGE]poison w/hairbase.New!
Bikini w/bag:[Smel Creations]Strass green (150L).
Earrings:[Tokame]gatcha for TSS.New!
Flower:[Tokame]Gatcha for TSS.New!
Armband:[Vive Nine]Lua for TSS.New!
Barefeet sandal:[Pure Poison]Butterfly barefeet sandal for TSS.New!