sábado, 16 de agosto de 2014


Hi girls here i'm showing you one of the new hairs from Truth (I've been one of the lucky bloggers that was choosen to blog his hairs so happy happy i am xD).This one i'm showing is Clover you can wear with the short or longer fringe and the skeletons hands come with a hud with different colours you can wear w or w/out.
So rush to the mainstore and try a demo on.
Eyes:[TheSkinnery]Bohemian eye collection (16) for TCF.New!
Necklace:[Boom]Robot for Kustom9.New!
Outfit:[Mikunch]Camo skirt coordinated comes w/hud to change colours separated for Kustom9.New!
Sneakers:[COCO]gatcha for TCF.New!
Chihuahua:[Birdy/Alchemy]Gatcha for TCF.New!
Poses by Luxe.